It is a known fact that tyres (especially the sidewalls) are prone to cracking over time. There are many different factors as to why such as being exposed to acidic rain, brake dust, direct sunlight, winter and summer months and harsh chemicals. It is said that exposure to the elements will eventually cause the rubber to lose some of its elasticity and allow surface cracks to appear.

These cracks are usually found on the sidewalls due to the constant exposure to the elements. 

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Maintaining Your Tyres

Using a product like our Polymer Tyre Glaze will protect and extend your tyres life span especially during these summer months. Our Tyre Glaze not only bonds to protect and condition the Tyres, it leaves behind a deep black shine. We have chemically engineered our formula from the ground up to ensure that it increases your Tyres lifespan and reduces the potential risk of Tyre cracking occurring. 

We are firm believers that there is nothin worse than spotting a car with beautiful wheels but framed with dull grey tyres. 

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