When it comes to cleaning the exterior of your car, applying the best products is essential. Not just for the look there and then, but for the effects it has for weeks or even months to come such as incredible water beading and the ease of future cleaning. Well the same applies for the Interior of your vehicle too!

The Smart Polish Pro Interior Detailer is a professional, solvent-free, multi-purpose cleaner designed to clean all interior surface materials quickly and safely. These materials include leather, wood, rubber, plastics, carbon fibre, GPS screens, centre console displays, suede and fabrics as well as motorcycle leather seats and plastic parts. 

It has been developed to literally cut through grease and grime to leave behind a stunning finish, making the inside of your car looking brand new again. Leaving behind a micro-barrier, the Interior Detailer will make future cleaning a piece of cake (without the crumbs!)

Over time you may find your car picking up stubborn stains on the likes of lightly coloured materials or around the footwells. The natural cleaning properties in our Interior Detailer will make easy work of removing these and will clean better than other, more aggressive cleaners. 

Spilt fizzy drinks or food in the back seat? No problem, our Interior Detailer will clean and remove any unwanted odours from the car. Like all our formulas, the Interior Detailer is classified as Non-Hazardous, no water is required so none is wasted. Win Win!

For best results we recommend using our Interior Detailer with our Professional Grade Microfibre Cloths.

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