We get asked the question a lot, especially throughout the winter months when surfaces become wetter and muddy but also the summer months when it is dry and dusty.

Our Interior Detailer is the perfect solution for deep cleaning the floor mats due to it's intensive foam action. Check out our short video below to see how our Interior Detailer can make your car mats look brand new again!

What We Recommend

Firstly, remove the mats from the car and shake them thoroughly to ensure any loose grit and dried dirt is removed (this will make the cleaning method a lot easier).

Place the mats on a flat surface such as a garden table and spray several light mists of our Interior Detailer to cover the surface of the mat.

Take a brush (preferably with nylon bristles) and scrub the surface to ensure all dirt is loosened a removed from the mat. 

Finally, take a clean Microfibre Cloth to remove any surface moisture and debris to leave you car mats looking brand new!


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