By living in an apartment complex, washing your car using a bucket and hose (or as we like to call it, a 'traditional method') is simply out of the question. It is highly unlikely that you will find access to water in an underground parking lot and you definitely won't be carrying buckets of water up and down in the lift just to clean your car! 

So, like most people living in an apartment complex who are in need of a car clean will more than likely head to a local car wash every month or so when you pass one by. Most car washes are usually overpriced and only give your car a quick clean using cheap chemicals that won't keep your car shining for very long.  

So How Is It Possible To Clean Your Car Without Water Access?

Simple. We have developed a range of Waterless formulas from the ground up, allowing you to clean your vehicle from the comfort of your own apartment complex, anytime you want!

Our Waterless Wash & Wax formula doesn't contain any harsh chemicals so it's perfectly safe to use indoors and out and also doesn't have any run off so it won't harm the environment around you. We use a high percentage of natural Carnauba wax which leaves your cars surface with a high gloss and repel water for weeks per application!

Key Facts About Our Waterless Wash & Wax

500ml will give an 'average sized' car around 6-8 cleans and 1000ml double that. This saves you a lot of money compared to taking your car to a car wash each time.

On average, a car wash will cost you around £5.00 per wash whereas 1 application of our Waterless Wash & Wax will cost half around £2.50. Also, there is a satisfaction of looking at your freshly cleaned vehicle knowing that you have done it yourself!

Easy Storage. Keep a bottle in the trunk of your car and take it with you wherever you go. It easily removes bird droppings and tree sap.

Saves up to 480 litres of water per clean. That is a lot of water wasted when using the traditional cleaning methods so by using our formula, you aren't only giving your car that perfect shine, you are also playing your part in saving our precious water supplies too. Win Win!


1. Shake well to activate the formula.
2. Lightly Apply the Formula to a Microfiber Cloth & to the surface one area or panel at a time.

3. Wipe the area in one direction.

4. Use a 2nd clean, dry Microfibre Cloth to buff the surface to reveal a protective shine.