Britain is expected to face a summer of hosepipe bans after experts have warned that we are facing a shortage of water following months of very low rainfall and the driest winter in 20 years. Although 'average' rainfall is forecast for the coming months, experts claim this is still not enough to repair damage left from the several weeks of dry weather and low water levels in our reservoirs.


'A hosepipe ban in the summer of 2017 has become more likely following a dry period over the winter months.'

- hosepipeban.org.uk spokesman


Summer is fast approaching and we all must play our part in preserving our precious water supplies. There is already restrictions in Australia, the UAE and several states across the USA due to water shortages with many people facing citations if caught wasting a lot of water. In Germany, you are only allowed to wash your vehicle in designated places called Waschstrassen. You can either wash the car yourself or use a traditional mechanical car wash system but both come at a charge. The reason for this is to reduce the chemicals that are put into the sewage systems when washing your vehicle at home. 

How Can I Help?

Did you know that on average, 450 litres of water is used when cleaning your vehicle using traditional methods such as the bucket and hose? 

This summer, switch up your detailing arsenal by including Waterless Detailing products. Our Waterless Wash & Wax can be applied directly to a vehicle as it emulsifies and encapsulates dirt, safely lifting it from the surface of the vehicle and leaving behind a high gloss finish. Also, due to no water being needed, it can be applied inside!

Why not make future cleaning a lot easier? Our Hydropel formula is to be used when the vehicle has been completely cleaned and leaves behind a protective hydrophobic layer which makes future cleaning a piece of cake!