What is Waterless Detailing? Why would I switch to using Waterless when cleaning my car? Won't this scratch?

These are just some of the daily questions we get asked so we thought we would take this opportunity to answer these questions and show the benefits of using our Waterless Wash & Wax formula when cleaning your vehicle. 

Key Benefits:

Saves Time

On average, waterless detailing is 4x quicker than traditional methods!

Saves Money

£1.56 per clean to be precise!

Professional Results

Our Waterless Wash & Wax contains a high percentage of natural Carnauba wax, leaving your vehicle with a high gloss finish that will keep your pride and joy gleaming for weeks!

Anywhere. Anytime

From the comfort of your own home to an underground garage in an apartment block to the curb sides of New York City. Our formula is now allowing those with limited access to water keep their vehicles clean without having to leave their homes. 

Saves Water. Saves The Planet

On average, the traditional methods use 480 litres of water per wash... That is a lot of wasted water! We make a conscious effort to change the way vehicles are traditionally cleaned whilst playing a small part in saving the planet too.

But Doesn't It Scratch?

Cleaning your vehicle without using a single drop of water can be a scary thought for many who are used to the 'traditional methods' like the soap and bucket method but we are here to re-define those traditions.

As long as the instructions are followed then this will not scratch your vehicle. We don't recommend applying to a heavily soiled, thickly covered muddy vehicle but for your everyday road dirt grime like in the video below, our formula can be applied direct.

In short, this very intelligent formula emulsifies and encapsulates the dirt particles, safely lifting them from the surface of the vehicle. We don't want to bore you too much with the specifics so we have created a short animation which shows exactly how our Waterless Wash & Wax works...

See it in action!

We have tens of thousands of customers Worldwide using our Waterless Wash & Wax and share their results with us which we happily repost across our social media pages. You can view just some in our customer gallery by clicking here. #ZeroH2O